Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Malcapuya island, Coron

Malcapuya island is a little over an hour boat ride from Coron town. Coron is part of Palawan and it is about 45 minutes flight from the capital city of Manila. From the airport there are vans that will take you to Coron town or port for 120 pesos. It usually take around 30 minutes. From the port you will not have a problem finding your boatmen that are willing to take you to Malcapuya island. The standard rate is P3,000 or $69. If you traveled on a group then you can save more. The boat we got could easily accomodate 15 person. Some might think that is too heavy on the pocket which is true. But check out why I think it is worth every peso.

The boat ride to the island is very scenic. You will pass by a lot of isolated islands, beach and rock formations. I suggest an MP3 player because of the engine noise.

Our accomodation for the night. P500 per person (P200 for entrance and P300 for the use of the cottage) or $12 per person a night. It is a cottage and not a traditional hut. We wanted a traditonal tropical bahay kubo but we were happy with it. It is open, no window and no doors. No aircon, no tvs and just a fan. Which we didn't need at night because of the sea breeze which was freely coming in from the open structure. Full surround sound of the calming waves beats any sound system.

Directly what we are facing in front of our hut. You can snorkel just a few meters away. Water is aqua green and warm. Who needs a pool. When you got this.

Here's the proximity of our hut to the water. In between a powdery white sand. That's what you pay for the 4,500 pesos or $103 a night. The following nights should be less because you already got the boat. You just have to negotiate with your boatmen for the other nights you plan on staying. We paid ours 500 pesos or $12 to stay overnight. They cook and served us which is well worth it. Security is really not a big issue. I literally left my camera out and about. No one will steal it. Remember it is just your company, boatman and the island care taker. So it's a safe island.

Your own canoe if you wanna explore the islands nearby.

Perfect spot to chill and drink. Too bad the sunset on the other side. Nonetheless still a beautiful spot. Our have a fresh coconut for only 30 pesos or $.75

The sand is powder like and as you can see the wind blows it away easily.  If you been to Boracay, it is the same as the sand they got in station 2.

There's three beach in Malcapuya island. Two are nice with the same quality sand. The one on the back is where they use to dock the boats and the quality is not as good. This particular beach has a concrete for a bed rock. The island care taker told the story that back in the days they were able to find gold here. Legend has it that the Japanese had buried something in the beach. What it is, it's everybodys guess. The concrete though is not your typical concrete. Real solid and you can't use a jack hammer to crack it. As Buddy to show it to you when you guys decide to go here.

Main beach from the view deck.

A few islands are facing the island. Two seasons bought Malroroy island and the one of the far right is banana island. Two seasons is one of the best local beach resort in the Philippines. They have one in Boracay and they do it right.

You have the whole island for yourself or your group for 4,500 pesos or $103 or you can stay at Holiday Inn in the city for the same price. One of a kind experience for a price that won't break the bank.

Just a virgin island. Not even a foot print. The beach is long enough to have some private moment.

I wanted to capture a night shot of our hut.  When I came home to process and upload my pictures. I was surprise to capture an angel in our hut watching over me. You can clearly see the head, body, arms, legs and her beautiful wings. I say "her" because my daughter Madison passed away June 10, 2009. Her 2nd birtday was May 5, 2009. The photo was taken on May 7, 2011. Two days after her 2nd birthday.

The island caretaker "Buddy" they got monkeys, bayawak and crows. He claims he gives the best hilot massage anywhere.

Overall I'm more than satisfied with the island. I could stay here for a while and be really happy. I highly recommend this island for an overnight stay. The restroom are basic. No shower though. They do have grills for cooking. Just make sure you buy everything at the market or have your boatmen help you.
If you need a boatman. I highly recommend Kokoy and Raffy. I personally use them the first time I went to Coron and hired them again the second time I went with my wife and her girlfriends. They really know their way around Coron and suggested where to go and what not to do because they are about the same. Mention Edison recommended them. Here's their contact number 09486323344.


  1. For more information on Malcapuya Island, visit this page: http://www.facebook.com/malcapuyaisland

    Malcapuya Island has packages available for guests which include:
    - roundtrip airport transfers
    - roundtrip boat transfers
    - accommodations in Malcapuya Island (in their private house, or on the gazebos)
    - buffet/full board meals + non-alcoholic drinks
    - coron tours with entrance fees and guide

    For more information, email at malcapuyaisland@yahoo.com

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    1. Hey Jack, thanks for taking time reading some of my travel blogs. I tried to be as detailed or helpful as I can be with the cheap travels that I take. Great to know that I got your interest. If I'm able to help one or two. Then I very happy. I gotta admit I have been extra lazy at updating this blog cause on my lil girl has been growing up but I do have couple of travels this coming weeks that I will put up cause its gonna be legendary. Thanks again.

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  6. Hi, good post. I'm heading to Coron in a week, and also intend to stay one night at Malcapuya Island.

    In your post, you mention that you paid your boatmen 3,000 Pesos to bring you to the island and another 500 to stay overnight. But you also mentioned "The following nights should be less because you already got the boat. You just have to negotiate with your boatmen for the other nights you plan on staying." So you paid 4,500 Pesos for your boatmen to stay with you for how many nights? Or how much did the other nights cost?

    And also, I assume you did not buy a package tour when you went - instead you just found a boatman on your first time there and asked him to bring you to Malcapuya Island. Is that correct?

    Also, instead of staying at the hut at Malcapuya Island, do you know if it is possible to bring our own tent and camp on the beach?

    1. We stayed just over night & explore the other islands on our way back. If you plan on staying couple or more nights. You should be able to negotiate the boatman a lot cheaper just because gas is not being used. I think 1k is sufficient per nights 1,500 max. Just really depending on your negotiating skills. Just FYI the boat rates are standard & plastered at the port.
      Another option if you plan on staying couple of night or more on Malcapuya island. Go around town to see if there's a boat goin' to Malcapuya or around those islands with the dates that you guys plan on goin' to hitch a ride. Drop off & pick up should be a lot cheaper as well. The boat that we got could easily fit 12-15 people so depending how many is in your group as well that will ease the cost too. If I'm not mistaken there are boats that they fill up with commuters to drop people off to their island destinations. That might be a good route as well to save some money.
      You can definitely bring a tent and camp at the beach. Me personally I would just bring a sleeping bag & sleep under the stars with the sea breeze freely flowing. But thats just me. I'm jealous & have fun ey...Peace!

  7. thank you so much for the information, it is very helpful. Do you know if blanket will be provided if I stay in hut?