Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bellarocca "The Rock"

Bellaroca Island Resort is built on Elefante Is. or Elephant island just off Marinduque. It's said that from a distance the island looks like an elephant submerge under the water because of it's hump. I thought it looked like more of a womans butt laying out but that's just me.

                                 Aerial shot of Elephant Island (Bellaroca). It's said that it is heart shape.

Marinduque is the center of the Philippines. A quick 35 minute flight from Manila. For now, only Zestair is the only local airlines that flies in & out. Another 45 minute scenic province van drive provided by the resort. Some roads are gravel. I'm sure if the government helped out. It could cut the land travel time by another 10-15 minutes. 5 minute fast boat & then they take you to your room via golf karts. 

This is what we walked in our room. It definitely beats any LED TV out in the market today.

The views are so good, so so crazy good. Everywhere you look. The windows turns to frames.
Bellarocca's coffee shop. It's also where you can snorkel.
Fellas; look at the picture below. Which one will you looked at more. Mt. Malindig thats about 1000 meters from sea level. It's also an active volcano. It looks like your in Hawaii or some prehistoric time just waiting for a dinosaur to pop out on the side. Would you stare at the beach and just listen to the waves. Or would you day dream how you gonna bag these three ladies on this isolated island and wish that everybody out there turns to a zombie so you will be the only man left and have to re-populate the world. That probably just gave away which one out of the three I was doing most.

It's hard not to take it all in. One of the best shots I took in the trip. Kinda sums it all up.

A closer look what is on the other side of Bellaroca.

Bellaroca is the best place to learn photography. I woke up early and take a stroll. This path definitely my favorite path of them all. Being a beach bum that I am. The palm tree is my Eiffel Tower. This specific palm tree is a spoiled one. It has the best vantage point of them all. Again, the volcano is a sight to see in all direction and time of the day. The Santorini structure on the side and everything is perfectly landscape.
The perfect path. 
What a beauty. This is their Terrazas. All has overlooking views and their own infinity pools.

Kayaking the whole island is a must. It probably took us a good half hour from start to finish. The girls didn't know what they were getting into. They are not the sports type in the first place so I don't think they enjoyed it. It was funny watching them go in circles. They finally gave up and was tug along by one of the staff. Going around the island just shows what the island is really made off. It's literally just a really big rock. The picture below is the only portion that has a beach. Everything else are cliffs. The beach itself is rocky and lots of shells. The water also has a bunch of rocks so they provide wet shoes so it don't hurt your feet. The sand color is borderline beige or fine cream color. The water was very clean and clear. I didn't spend that much time swimming in it. The infinity pool with sunken bar was calling my name.

Kayak & Hobie Cat. Kayaking is complimentary while the hobie cat is roughly $50.

One of my favorite activities at the beach or any resort is to just lounge and get my liquor on. There are few spots were you can relax and just do nothing. Bellaroca is no different. I did bring my own liquor so I can mix it on my own and also to save some moola. While the girls lay out and took power naps. I just chilled and drink away. One of the caveats when you are with girls that don't drink. You get faded quick and feel like you got alcohol problem but there is always a flip side in any situation. Simply "More for me".

This is one of the more iconic spots where guest lounge and take pictures.

Sunken bar is every beach bums office. 
The weather is so perfect this time of the year. So, I occasionally jump in the pool to cool off.
Lounging around in the afternoon. We literally had this spot to ourselves. While the ladies take naps. I drank
and just took it all in. This is what I was looking at.

Caught this early in the morning while everyone still as sleep. Water was so still

My kid seems to get it.

The food is aight. I'm a man so I eat anything you put in front of me. The menu has a short list. It's probably because the island is isolated. It average about $10-$12 per meal. They do have dinner buffet roughly $20 and that hit the spot when we ate. 

 I always gotta have me a fat burger

 Filipino dish called Tanigue. My wife's favorite here. Kwissy always has to have pizza

                         Squid something something. I can never remember the name of this dish

An island resort wouldn't be complete with out the Spa. When you roll with the ladies. This is a must have. They absolutely want/need it. Bellarocca's spa is strategically located at the other end of the rock. Roughly $30/$50 for a massage. Isolated from it all and it's almost hanging on the cliff for better vantage of the Sibuan sea, far off islands and the sunsets.

Note to self: Go to a massage school. It would be very handy on your future travels. 

Viewing deck at Bellarocca's spa plus infinity jacuzzi pool
For the fellas. If you noticed the sunset, the never-ending sea,
and tres Reyes island. There's something wrong with you.

It is what it is!
God can only do so much for you. Set the sun down, bring the night lights out and let the birds sing on the back ground. You have to do the rest son!

I remember singing:
                   "Can we pretend that airplanes
                     in the night sky are like shooting stars
                     I could REALLY REALLY use a wish right now"

Would you know what wish that is? Leave me a comment!