Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Amanpulo stands for "peaceful island". It is a private island off Palawan. A luxury beach resort that is known around the world. 

Here's the goal: Corona Life...but you have to get here first.

There's only ONE way to get to Amanpulo. Is through their own chartered airplane. It never comes as a package also. It's around $300 - $400 per person. It's cool coz they got their own lounge too. You go in this narrow street by the NAIA, parked, get out and fly. Real convenient. Then they also have their own landing strip right on the island. They give you your own golf cart to drive to your casitas. Some first class $***.

Perfect place to have a wine and watch the sunset go down.

We got the hillside Casitas. Roughly $800 -$1,000 per night. The view is stunning. Lush green all around w/ panoramic view of the whole island.

King size bed and couple of day beds plus another couple of daybed/couch outside.

Here's our view from the veranda/balcony. Here's a tip: buy a very good camera. It will help a little bit to get your point across. My digicam just not doing a great job.

You can scream Amanpulo all you want and no one can hear you...She knows what I'm talking about.

I wish I got into photography long time ago. There are a ton of spots where you can just go crazy because the island is yours.

I've never seen a Gecko in my life. It's always the small lizard hanging on the walls or the one that sells insurance. They make this sound that's loud and scary at first but soothing after you get used to it.

I remember ordering their Php800 Adobo. There were a lot of choices but just the idea of eating Adobo for that ridiculous price. I had to do it. There was nothing special about it. It was served on a wine glass but that was it. 

My Ex-Girlfriend. Best time to see the sharks by the shore. We saw baby sharks. Not sure what kind of sharks but that they were fast. It might be reef sharks.

Long powdery white sand. The Beach Casistas are on the other side.

I really wish I had a better camera. Garden of Eden.

Sand bar pops up out of nowhere. You can swim yards away and still waist deep.

They have this secret lounge around the island. What's really stands out in Amanpulo is the service. They are like ninja. You hardly see them. They just pop out of nowhere. You could be in one of this hidden lounge and still expect service. All the lounge has sunblock and towel readily available.

Here's the Beach Casitas. Roughly $500-$600. I would prefer to have stayed here but I really like our panoramic view. There are about 40 Casitas on the island. From we were told they could have 80-100 guest at a time and have 300 staff. Nice ratio.

Hammock was just kick ass. We didn't have this on our Hillside Casistas.

You can literally walk around the whole island in minutes. There's not one bad beach in the whole island. The water was crystal clear and very private. It feels like you are the only one in the whole island.

We went deep fishing. The only way to go island hopping. I didn't asked how much it was. We just did it.

We were pretty far off the island and the water still greenish. That tells me that the water is that clear and the sand is that white.

I'm not sure if you can see it but when we island hop to this island. There's only one man there. He's right there in the middle fishing. I'm not so sure what's the name of this island but they called it "The Sand Bar" but it is as good if not better than the Boracay sands and water. It is that nice.

The staff set us up a private picnic. We were the only one there plus that one man fishing.

Until now I wonder why we even went island hopping to think Amanpulo itself was private. The sand is unbelievable. The water was pure. 

I was thirsty so, they gave me two. How did they know that? What a service...

The staff set our dinner at the beach. The night sky for lights.

Can't have a beach dinner without the bonfire.

Tiny lobster for starters.

Iconic spot where everybody that comes here takes pictures.

My first time really feeling royalty. I've never been in such a paradise that I got hooked.

They received 10 straight years of excellence service/best small hotel and other stuff. I can really see why Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Mel Gibson to name a few comes here. It's heaven on earth. Pure luxury and the best island resort in the Philippines. My bill came at a little over Php 620,000 or $13,000...