Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Calaguas island - The open secret Beach camp

Shit let me get straight to it. Writing about it won't help describe this open secret beach camp where locals getaway from the tourists trap Boracay to save money & getaway from that crowded beach. It has a really beach bum vibe.

18 hours more or less from Picking up your bag to finally setting foot on the white sand. Depending which part of the planet you came from. So you gotta be mentally prepared for that. Our first day & first morning was overcast which was good & bad. It was bad cause of the wave it produced which added to our traveling time but good cause everyone was out & about on the beach that first day.


First thing first...After all that traveling the first thing I need is...

The sun finally came out & came to play on our 2nd day. I didn't think the water was this beautiful until the sun presented itself.


Chef Lakwatserong Kusinero (Traveling Chef) throws down. We never once got hungry the whole three days we were at Mahabang Buhangin (Long beach)

How beer is drank

Calaguas is not far from the Pyramids.

The carabao whisperer and magic mushrooms.

360 view from one of the vantage point in Calaguas island.

My boy Mike talking about his first sunset in his entire life...Know why?

After being on the bus from 9 pm to 7 am & another 3 hours boat ride with 6 foot waves plus the waiting in between. It all goes away & nothing else matters.

I always gotta talk to my Angel Baby Madison

GoPro Nut cam (It didn't come with a helmet cam. I figure just putting on top of my board shorts & call it that)...Drinking marathon & we got too meet a lot of cool peeps including Micka & Laura. Tryin' out a pick up line given by Dan.

Till next time fellas!!!