Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I've been going to Boracay since I arrived in the Philippines back in 2004. I averaged about 3 times a year. I lost count truly how many times I've actually been in Boracay. So, how do I start with blogging about this beautiful beach. For a start, it's in the top tens worlds most beautiful beach. It's on my top 5 personally.

It has transformed throughout the years that I've been coming here. I've notice less vegetation. The islands itself is being rape by irresponsible individuals. Mainly the government for not regulating almost eveything going on in the island. Over development, noise pollution and sewage. I hate coming in and definitely leaving. But let me tell you this, when you are on the beach and its waters. You transform to a trance that is un-explainable and forget everything else.

This is what I love to do when I'm at the beach. Just loungin and chillaxin.

4 kilometers of white powdery sand. I call it "The Green Mile

Beats any movie theater out there. 

Less vegetation are in Boracay since I've been coming here. A great spot to just pull out a chair and a cooler full of beers. 

The view in our room.

There's two seasons here. Just freakin hot and hella hot.

4 kilometers of white sand. That translates to kilometers kilometers of bars as well.

The sand is so powdery and soft that you don't need to wear footwear.
Fellas: If you check their feet first. Something is wrong with you.

1 kilo roughly $10

1.5 kg roughly $30. Chilly Lobster.

1 kg roughly $10. Curry Crab

The water is crystal clear and gradually gets deep. You could be a hundred yards and it's only waist deep.

Please don't liter on the beach. Just common sense. Like what they say "Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time and take nothing but memories/pictures"

Sunset massage: Roughly $10

Watching the sunset in any beach is so peaceful.

Side Notes:

Rooms: Ranges from $10 - $2000 depends on your preference and season
flights: Ranges from $20 - $150 depends on airlines promo, season and your planning.
Food: Ranges from $1 - $100 per plate depends on your appetite.
Beer: Ranges from $1 - $5.00 there's kilometers of kilometers of bars by the beach so your choices are large.