Monday, May 7, 2012

Uncovering Silanguin Cove, Zambales

I'm trying to complete the whole Zambales coves. There are four coves to chose from. Anawangin, Talisayin, Nagsasa & Silanguin cove. I've done Anawangin which is the smallest of the cove & most popular because it is the closest & cheapest to go to. Silanguin cove is the biggest & farthest of the four. 

Here's the route we took.

We took the boat from Subic rather than drive all the way to Pundakit, San Antonio which saved us 1 1/2 hour travel time & gas. The boat picked us up at Marina Light House which was very convenient. Boat ride costed about 6,000 peso, roughly $150 for three days & two nights. Our boatmen stayed two nights with us. We wanted to go get our goodies around that area just because the fish is a lot cheaper since that is their  livelihood.

Got us some tuna & some other weird looking fish for 600 pesos roughly $13. This place is called "Bulongan" or Whisper in English --You have to whisper the price you want for their fish.

Typically you want to be out on the open sea by 6 or 7 am. We didn't make it out there until 10 am. That's why it took us more or less 3 hours from the wet market to our destination. We were going against the current plus a boat packed with food, water & people didn't help either.

Here's what we call a rest stop. After a few hours out on the open sea. This little tiny beach with baby coconut trees, grayish sand & clear water should do. 

If you would be traveling on a journey (2 1/2 hours van ride, 3 hours boat on an open sea, No cell signal, No wi-fi, No electricity) with the possibilities of Chinese harassing us. These are the people I bring on that journey. 

500 ($12) pesos a night & still negotiable. Entrace 150 ($4)  pesos per person.

Kitchen & Hammock. For a minimal fee. You can have the caretaker (Nanay Precy) cook for your group.

I present to you South China Sea.

Chill spot.

My new gear. 8 foot of shade anywhere. I just love being that close to the water. I can put it up anywhere & instant shade. 

Here's there big screen TV. 

They say pictures says a thousand words. I rather get it on video & say those thousand words. Watch the video.

Puerto Silanguin
Video & all pictures were taken using iPhone 4S. Video edited using iMovie with Aged Film Theme. The reason for this because Silanguin has that feel when you are actually there. Like time was frozen or time passed it by. No cell signal, no wi-fi no electricity. Although they do have generators. My brother paid 200 pesos to have his cell phone charge for one hour.

It's been a tradition to celebrate Madison's Birthday at the beach. I feel a lot closer to her when it's super quiet. Orange color reminds us of her. When I was asleep at the beach. I woke up for a moment to see a bright red, orange & yellow Moon. This is not the first time that she let me know she was around.